Welcome to New York’s First Wellness Speakeasy

a new kind of social experience...

  • baths
  • FINNISH sauna
  • curated library
  • Adaptogenic tonic bar

That aligns with your nervous system

elahni merges the atmosphere & ambiance of a speakeasy with the revitalizing elements of a wellness space.

Our goal is to offer a unique and personally transformative environment that gently challenges traditional social norms. During the day, elahni serves as a setting for individuals looking to build a routine centered around the principle of contrast, and in the evening, offers a mindful alternative to traditional nightlife.

Our unique experience emphasizes personal growth, authentic connection, and the philosophy that contrast is a key element in shifting one’s personal narratives. In doing so, we hope to provide a fresh perspective on wellness and socializing.

Our principles

Nonlinear Progression

Where intentional choices
& unconventional paths converge


rebalance your nervous system.
In the dark, light presents itself

the power of contrast

By embracing contrast we find harmony in the
differences that shape our perceptions of the world

Somatic Intelligence

There is an entire world of wisdom
within the body